How to get on the Old Course at St. Andrews

Many of the golfers I send to Scotland want to include the Old Course at St. Andrews on their itinerary, but it’s no shoe-in to get a tee-time. There are a number of ways to get on one of the greatest courses of all time, and we can help make it happen.

  1. Private Advance Tee Times are available to the public using a lottery system during the Summer of the year prior to play. For example, if you wanted to play in 2019, you could have applied for a tee time between August 22nd and September 5th of 2018, with notification of your result October 15th, 2018. You have to put the application in yourself on line, but if your name comes out of the hat, we can build your dream trip around that!
  2. The Ballot system is used to allocate roughly half of all Old Course tee times each year for those who have been unable to book in advance. Golfers provide their information and desired date of play in advance, and winners are drawn 48 hours in advance of play. If you’re okay with taking your chances at the last minute, we can build a trip where you take a few shots at the ballot, and have other courses ready as a backup plan if you don’t make it.
  3. Single Golfers can show up early on the day of play and take their chances at joining an existing two or three-ball group.
  4. Walk On – every day there are up to 16 walk-on spots available for people who line up and wait for the starters` box to open. Your odds are pretty good in the off-peak months of April and October if you arrive by 4am. During peak months, you might need to arrive as early as midnight to secure a spot. If you didn’t get a guaranteed tee-time at the Old Course, we can still help you book a great trip and leave some flexibility for this option.
  5. Authorized Providers and Golf Tour Operators like us have access to guaranteed Old Course tee times that are available as early as June of the year prior to play. This is the best way to secure an Old Course tee time in advance without leaving things to chance for your trip. This comes at a premium but you can board the plane for Scotland knowing you will play the course where the game began seven centuries ago!

I’ve been sending groups to Scotland for nearly 20 years utilizing all of the options above. I highly recommend option 5 if playing the Old Course is a priority and you want to ensure a tee time for your trip. Spots are limited and tend to go pretty quick after they are released in the Spring. We offer priority requests to those willing to pay a $1,000 deposit before the deadline for tee-time requests in late February each year.

If you would like to stay posted on the guaranteed Old Course tee time deadlines each year, and have the best shot at what’s available, click below to be added to our email blast

And whatever method you select, best of luck getting on. It will truly be a memory of a lifetime!


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